Order Your Bottle Drop Blue Fundraising Bags to support the life-saving work of the Pregnancy Resource Center.

The Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) began distributing Blue BottleDrop Fundraising bags in 2017.  As our community partners and supporters have recycled bags, we have been blessed with an additional income stream to support the life-saving work we are doing.  These additional dollars have allowed us to expand our programming and continue serving men, women, children and families in our community with excellence as we share the love of Jesus Christ.

If your family, church, business or youth group would like to support PRC, use the form below order your bags today! THEY ARE FREE AND YOU CAN REQUEST AS MANY AS YOU WANT!  Your bag order will be processed and you will receive confirmation when they are ready to be picked up.

Remember, as you collect bags, make sure the bottles are NOT crushed, the bags contain no liquids and no paper or trash is included. See the FAQ’s below to learn more about what can and can not be recycled.

Thank you.

BottleDrop Fundraising Bags - Order Form





What can I recycle?

  • Cans and bottles from the following: Beer, soda, water, energy drinks, sports drinks, coffee and tea drinks, kombucha, hard cider, juice and protein drinks.


What is not recyclable?

  • Cans and bottles from the following:  Wine, mead, distilled spirts, milk, dairy or soy containers, infant formula, meal-replacement drinks, concentrated cocktail mixers.
  • No crushed containers, liquids or bottle tops


Where do I drop off my filled bags?

  • Bend Redemption Center, 755 NE 2nd St, Bend, OR 97701
  • Redmond Redemption Center, 1204 SW Lake Rd, Redmond, OR 97756


Can I donate money from my personal BottleDrop account to the Pregnancy Resource Center?