Because of you, the windows of heaven have been opened and we have reached our 2016 goal! Now that we have reached our goal with Open Doors, Open Windows campaign, adding ultrasound to ALL FOUR LOCATIONS (doubling our services) our goal is to have our DOORS OPEN MORE HOURS when “she” needs us. This year’s first goal is to raise $9,360 to extend our Bend hours on Thursday to a full day.  These additional four hours could potentially save 4 more lives each day which translates to 208 in a year! Help us reach our goal and Give Now.

Of course, any amount you give will help us meet this goal and be greatly appreciated, along with supporting the days that are already open. The board, staff and volunteers thank you, but the biggest thanks comes from the 96 babies saved in 2016 and their Moms and Dads, Grandmothers and Grandfathers.  Who know how many will be thanking you in 2017!

Did you know?

  • To meet with a woman in crisis we have to have two people in our center, this is why we need you!
  • The likelihood of a woman returning to our center if our doors are not open is very low – we need to be able to help her in time time of need and we need the staffing to do this, by contributing to OPEN DOORS campaign you are opening the door for her to come in
  • Each center is operated by one part-time paid staff, the rest of the staff is volunteer
  • OPEN DOORS will ensure that EVERY woman will get the help she needs immediately and that EVERY woman will get the opportunity to experience life-saving ultrasound services which is the “window to the womb” and be met with the love of Jesus
  • 80% who walk through the doors of PRC choose to keep their babies, that number goes up to 92% when she receives her FREE ultrasound.

Give button

The cost to make sure that we are open for one entire day in one town is $360, the cost to keep this one door open for one day for an entire year is $18,720. What day would you like to help support in your town: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? Will you join us today with your generous donation by pledging $30/month (total 12 month pledges = $360), a special gift now of $360.00 or any amount?