“I am thankful for PRC’s presence in Central Oregon. Those who work with PRC have a commitment to honor all life from conception through adulthood. With compassion towards all people, free, encompassing, informed interaction is provided for all referred to them. Each individual is supported and treated with respect.”
– Rich Cade, M.D.

“As a family and as a church we have supported Pregnancy Resource Centers extensively and believe in them passionately! I know of no other resource that offers the comprehensive, gracious, truthful and professional care for those wrestling through the gut-wrenching issues surrounding pregnancy that is so often unplanned. The ministry that flows out of the PRC offices is literally an extension of the heart of God to the needy and the hurting. Any community that has a Pregnancy Resource Center is exceedingly blessed and privileged!”
– City Church Bend, Oregon

“In this country, it is all about choice. We have the freedom to choose from our politicians to our opinions. We can choose what we eat and wear each day. We have the freedom to worship or not, any religion we choose. If it is about choice, why can’t we then, provide a choice for advocates and women that choose, value and promote life?”
– Susan Gorman, M.D. Volunteer Medical Director (Redmond Center)

After attending one week of training in our Redmond center, our volunteers fill out a survey to “Help Us Get Better!’ When asked about the image of this ministry, one volunteer answered, “…(their) image is great, but not enough people know this. More people need to understand the importance of this work and the integrity of PRCCO.”

Your donation helps us continue serving the precious women and men of Central Oregon in our four centers.

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