We want to be every woman’s  F I R S T   C H O I C E

Women across Central Oregon…

  • Experience unplanned pregnancies every day.
  • Need a low cost clinic to confirm their pregnancy.
  • Want to have an ultrasound to see their baby.
  • Can not afford pre-natal vitamins.
  • Do not have access to educational materials to help them parent.
  • Want someone to talk to about their options.
  • Would like someone to come alongside of them in their time of need.

The Pregnancy Resource Centers of Central Oregon has three centers located across Central Oregon to help any woman when she finds herself facing any of these situations.  We offer our services for FREE because we don’t want money to be a deterrent to quality care.

We want to be every woman’s first choice for her pregnancy related services.  For too long larger, state funded clinics have cornered the market and convinced young girls that they are the only option.  We realize that they often do not value life and do not give girls the care and compassion that we have to offer.

We want to be every woman’s first choice when…

  • When finds out she is pregnant
  • When she has no one to talk with.
  • When she is scared and doesn’t know what to do.
  • When she is considering an abortion

Can you help us become her FIRST CHOICE?

By making a financial gift we can continue to strategically advertise and continue to let girls know about our services in our local high schools, colleges and in the places where they frequently visit?  Will you join us today with your generous donation by pledging $40/month (total 12 month pledges = $480), a special gift now of $500.00 or any amount?


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