Meet Allison – Bend Mangager

Allison - Bend Manager

God has an amazing way of turning our deepest pain into beauty. As a young woman I desperately wanted children. My husband and I tried for several years but God said “no”. In our human attempts to address my infertility, we decided to adopt. We began the adoption process for a 3 year old boy but again God said “no”. God made it clear that His plans were different than my plans and he started me on a journey that has helped prepare me for my role at the PRC.



God provided amazing opportunities for me to acquire strong management and organizational skills as well as greater empathy and understanding of the most vulnerable in our community. He has allowed me to build strong connections with community resources and develop trust with local leaders. He also allowed time so that He could transform my desire to be a mom to a desire to care for women and their children in ways I would never have imagined.



My greatest joy of working at the PRC is supporting our volunteers, watching them grow in confidence and finding their very special place in this ministry. I also love watching our clients’ journeys, from “I can’t be pregnant” to having confidence and clarity that they can raise their child. I also enjoy seeing moms develop pride in themselves and supporting them through difficult times. I will admit it brings me to tears when a baby is aborted but I am so thankful that God has worked in my heart and I can work with them and love on them without judgment.



God had a plan from the beginning – He gave me a heart and a passion for women and children. That is what I love about this ministry and that is why I serve at the PRC.