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Our Vision: Transforming Lives

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Our Vision: Transforming Central Oregon, one life at a time.

Welcome to Central Oregon for Life partner page for Pregnancy Resource Centers of Central Oregon (PRCCO).  Together, with your help and God’s leading, we are seeing lives transformed every day in our centers.  From the moment a mom decides to carry her pregnancy, and throughout her pregnancy as comes in for the Learn2Earn education, to birth of her little girl or boy, we see hope spring forth. Confidence is built.  Relationships established.  And often, the first place she brings her newborn is, you guessed it – to one of our centers! After her baby is born, she continues her visits all the way until her child is two years old.

This is our vision; for every woman (and man) to have this opportunity.  Learn more now as you check out PRCCO’s  mission statement.

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